Summer 2013

So broad is this underpinning theory, that for the purpose of our summer theme we could have drawn from any number of different styles and looks: from the beauty of biological structures to digital prints of galaxies and visions of martian landscapes, and to numerical equations that ? even with with no understanding of their mathematical significance ? take on a new beauty of graphic mystique.

All that maybe for future themes but for this season we opted for a geological route, a study of weird rock, an appraisal of minerals drawn from our own strange planet (antimony from Utah, volcanic formations from Capeddoccia); or other worldly particles from meteorites found in the deserts of High Atlas.

Artistically the whole thing started to work beautifully alongside a new surrealist movement, a collective return by talented individuals to collage and real cut-and-paste. With duo-tone photocopier experiments we found a mishmash mix-up of elements drawn from animal-mineral-vegetable sources (see team for the results of our own experiments) all posted on the delightful wonder-blogs of ; and summed up beautifully in Dash magazine's cover story, re-posted by the equally wonderful

In terms of fashion and retail our colour schemes could not fail to include the skin tone palettes prevalent everywhere from high street to luxury and back. Whatever you choose to call it ? nude, champagne, blush ? just insert your choice of strong pastel ? canary yellow, hot coral pink, or blue ? and mix to taste...