Autumn 2013

It's true that all that exquisite tailoring could have easily made us lean towards a late 50's feel (imagine Audrey with up-turned collar and circular skirts, swinging through the foggy streets of a black and white London). But in reminiscences truer to our Tony G roots, our minds instead leapt towards a more 80's vibe, the trigger point being David Byrne's super-size suit on Stop Making Sense (according to muso's the seminal music film of all time).

It was at this point our new Melbourne-based InstaMate Ross Wilkinson appeared in our consciousness, innocently showcasing his stunning minimalist images for the sheer fun and love of it. Ross's graphically-trained-eyes naturally rest on simple things at odd angles, showing up structures and concrete and ordinary things in truly inspiring ways. So inspired were we that the zig-zags generated by his architectural snowy-peaks image became a major feature of the mood-board, then beautifully summed up in the interior d?cor wizardry of Nina Freudenberger.

And of course we all can see the increasing dominance of that 80's twist on the high-streets, a place where the new season's designer tailoring dumbs down to even more blouson-sleeved vintage-styled bombers, slack-hipped cotton trousers with wool socks, and wintry monkey-boots; and the haircuts? More gorgeous-androgenous, short-backed and blow-dried big. In fact, for nailing the style we needed to look no further than the amazing illustrator Patrick Nagel, whose paintings captured the essence of the power dressing new woman of the 80's, leading us as usual to take it one step too far? See team for our own power-dressed super-shoulder-padded selves ? thankfully we don't have the ruthless attitudes to match.