Winter 2013

All that led to our discovery of super gallery Nelly Duff; some shopping via Society6 (special thanks to Robert Farkas and Miranda Skoczec); and sending a couple of attendees to one of London Print Company's Deluxe Screenprinting Workshops. When it came to using this new-found appreciation of the original print for our Christmas theme, we couldn't help going for the least likely Christmas colours ? an almost rainbow hue without the hippy connotations. developed beautifully to a series of unique Christmas prints for gift paper by our own lovely Jane with super-student Sophie Oates! We wanted swathes of gloopy teals and aquas, pearlescent and metallic finishes, hot pinks with sparkle, crismson and bottle green smudged across canvas and buff, raw paper.

Luckily out there in retail world we found others influenced by the same things: Anthropologie marketing the artistry of Swarm Home and their highly desirable range of recycled furniture painted like canvases; & Other Stories' gorgeous marbleised painted dresses; and highly influential was an analogue visual display courtesy of the Joshua Light Show acoompanying Nicholas Jaar ? rich colours filmed dropped into pools of oil, beautiful, magical, non-digital. We always have fun with our team and this Christmas is no exception, despite some staff trying to claim the likenesses are limited. Let's have a standing ovation for Felix Farrar, junior artist behind our wonderful portraits, which are nothing if not utterly original. Thank you Master Farrar.