Spring 2014

So what makes this year different? Well for us it's been the mix of a harder edge of glossy glamour, a technical feel of materials and texture that takes pastels away from the realms of vintage garden prettiness and puts them in a modernist concrete block filled with high-polished surfaces. A pastel collection that looks deliberately half-hearted and washed out unless worn with one pop liquid colour that jumps out and punches you on the nose: perhaps Canary Yellow; Cherry Red or a hectic Monochrome pattern clash.

And this isn't a trend that stays at the front door, no no? In contrast to a broadening vibe for all things vintage and rustic goes this high-performance glamour, a revival of dirt-repellant finishes like Little Greene's Intelligent Gloss Paint (try Trumpet Yellow with Jack Black and Shirting White); along with materials that perform well, adding technology and functionality to the artisanal crafts we for so long have aspired to own.

Full circle back to fashion, we feature Prada mixing girly Pink with sport detailing but it could easily have been Zara, so much is the influence of the technical performance in our every-day wear right now. So pop on your trainers, go for some pastel shades with a punch of Black and White and gloss your locks, we may be sweet but we've got a dark edge, just like Liquorice Allsorts.