Summer 2014

Yet we're never ones to go for the obvious choices, so something within the topical summer tones of jungle fever must have seemed a little fresh for the idea to stick. Sure enough, beneath the fickle fervour for ferns perhaps, an undercurrent... a bubbling trend with more thrust and staying power. Tribal. Confused and clashing in the sense of from which cultures the patterns and tones emerge from, Tribal is a mixed bag of colour and global heritage, one of those trends that will sneak itself into our everyday consciousness and refuse to leave until the rise of some other universal style preference casts it aside.

Expect to be inexplicably drawn to rustic, angular ceramics, Berber rugs, woven jewellery, Juju music, and rough plaster walls, covered in paint that looks like it was created from the pulp of exotic sun-kissed vegetables!

Underpinning the whole look again is a monochrome twist that ? in the way that last year clashing flower patterns came to actually look like they belonged side by side ? adds an element of freshness to anything we might think we've seen a million times already. Lots of geometric patterns, but stolen more from markings made by hand or wooden block, imprecise and raw, naive and lovely.

And how much more topical can a tribal theme be, when culturally we seem so keen to make marks on our skin - like silent broadcasts of who we think we are, of what we believe in, of who we connect with? Whether we see tattoos in this much depth or see them simply as art, there's no escaping the fact we spend a lot of energy finding other-people-like-us these days. What's that if not a sense of tribal behaviour? Not that there's anything wrong with that, and at least it's been the perfect excuse to tattoo our team.