Autumn 2014

The opening hallway of exhibits is stunning: iron-work ceilings with marble pillars; vast cabinets of bones and sea-creatures; ancient rare insects pickled in formaldehyde - all displayed exquisitely in traditional wood and glass cabinets, and giving rise to inspiration for the theme of Curated Arts. Labels in the neat typographies of dedicated collectors, anthropologists and naturalists of the past also provide this season's inspiration for our team look!. Pitt Rivers maintains an air of absolute tradition. There are no digital displays and the objects and their finders speak loudly for themselves. For extra atmosphere, visit on one of their candlelit nights, or a night in November when an Arctic soundtrack will accompany visitors as they explore the darkened displays?

We were taken so much with the terrariums and antiquated displays and heavy-wood frames that our eyes were naturally drawn to And Other Stories gorgeous Autumn prints. Inspired no doubt by the same naturalist roots, their collection is a beautiful fusion of tropical botanicals mixed with the patterns of rare moths and two-tone, blue-bottle wings. That effect of high-shine is-it-black-is-it-blue-is-it-green pops up in a number of other locations, shoes in silver and patent leather, with velvet giving a hint of rich autumny warmth we've not yet needed to employ.

The demands of our ability to curate seems to feature evermore prominently in our lives. So little possibility is there to create originally, we are left simply to arrange what already exists in fresh ways ? and that is in itself, truly an art.