Winter 2014

Its origin was as a showcase, a tool transported by a travelling salesman to display the variety of raw and composite materials available to his customers. It's an utterly inspiring kind of idea that conjures up visions of elaborate suitcases, filled with all manner of enticing samples. The sort of thing that makes us want to start laser cutting, printing onto, making into furniture?

It's not a bad way to work ? the passionate desire to use a material can be the thing that starts a concept rolling or a project come together. And it invites thinking through the practical issues first too ? something we'd advocate of course! This year we've had our share of metalwork production. In fact, our legendary fabricators have managed their usual quantity of powder-coated steel as well as creating gorgeous decorative pieces in egg-coated patinated brass. We love our role of sitting between the creative concept and the Pirelli calendar displaying factory-environments of our craft suppliers :-)

And it's with that kind of thought that our Christmas theme has been pre-occupied. In stark contrast to the previous two years which were both craft-based and colourful, the influences around us this year have been all about high-polished sheen against crushed precious minerals: a textural glamour, that may imply expensive raw materials but capitalises on a remixed-metal chic too. There are no rules for absolute authenticity here. If it looks right it's in, regardless of whether it?s brand new, recycled or vintage?

Think sleek black monoliths and polished busts (see team!) the light bouncing off in every direction; next to a finely crushed silver mix, set into a sheet of textured gold. Think of wearing a vintage sequinned jacket whilst eating at a table set with marbleised ceramics and liquid-gold-look candles. The whole appearance is one of tactile opulence. A richness that somehow doesn't imply exclusivity through budget, but accessibility through cleverness. An idea that preciousness is available to us all, if we're smart enough to see the beauty in the elements.