Spring 2016

Iridescence has made an appearance in homewares and looks good enough to stay, sitting nicely against some very frosty pinks and blues. A wallpaper revival on the horizon offers great backdrop opportunities: Cole and Son's lovely Fornasetti II, and Wallpaper from the 70's gorgeous foil Mandarava paper. For ready to wear, metallics hang around for early spring, offering a little futuristic edge warmed up with some hot pinks and graphic nots. A breath of freshness before the plethora of giant flowers bear down on us later this spring!

Our fascination with altered and surreal landscapes plays neatly to the question of how we blend our digital with our physical lives, (aka Phygital), destined to be a hot topic over the coming months. Where are the borders between the real and the not so? Answer: there are no borders. Virtual reality will be big news this year and if that seems like irrelevant to your grown-up world, think again. Gaming is escapism, and in a world of increasing ugliness, our desire for beauty is bound to increase.

Even our moodboard cover girl is not quite real. Lightening, a rose-haired, digitally rendered woman fighter from the Japanese game Final Fantasy, features in Louis Vuitton's spring campaign. 'Photographed' in various pieces from the season, it seems the world of serious fashion has finally acknowledged gaming as an art form it wants to be connected to. How long before it works the other way around and your avatar gets to shop at Virtual Vuitton?