10th August 2016

Lace Dress - Dolce & Gabbana
Broderie Anglaise Top - Madewell
Silk and Lace Dress - Self Portrait
Victor & Rolf - Photographer Benjamin Kanarek with Paintings by Julien Colombier
Painting - James Nares
Blue Piece - Jason Martin
Self Portrait - Helena Almeida

Inspired by Benjamin Kanerek's shoot for SCMP, this season's mood had a painterly feel right from the off. The paintings featured behind the models throughout his shoot were part of an exhibition by Julien Colombier, on show at Le Royal Monceau Hotel. Julien has worked on commissions for Diptyche, but otherwise specialises in large pieces, painted in a gorgeous graphical style. Large tropical leaves in bold, contrasting and blended colours, texturised and inviting to the eye, often extend beyond the boundaries of canvas into 3d structures.

Texture seemed like a key direction for our theme, and seeing as throughout the summer there's been no shortage of white layers, they went into the mix - especially those by brand Self Portrait, pretty much spearheading a trend for re-invented lace.

Self-portraiture was a bit of a feature on Victor & Rolf collection, taking us en route to discover the work of Portuguese artist Helena Almeida. Helena features in much of her work but rejects the notion of self-portrait, instead describing herself as the canvas and often using the colour - Yves Klein Blue - to smudge out her features in a gesture of response to Klein's approach to women in his own art. The vivid blue - aka International Klein Blue - is defined as a colour that must be experienced rather than simply seen. It is allegedly impossible to replicate in print or on screen, and should show no sign of yellow or green or grey in its composition! Well that sounds like a challenge! International Klein Blue also happens to be almost the shade of our landlord's choice of paintwork. After trying hard to persuade him to let us repaint, we've gone down the other route, buying accessories to match and persuading ourselves a vivid blue front door is something we just always wanted... Come and knock on it and see our new home!