205DPI - 25th November 2016

This season's 205dpi featured photographer is San Francisco based photographer Robert Ogilvie. We selected 3 pieces from his series, featuring his city in the fog, to print and adorn our reception walls. The images are stunningly atmospheric and absolutely perfect for the season. "Looking North on 15th Avenue" has been mounted to a slim profile LED light box, creating an incredible ambient light into our offices as the autumn leaves blow in... Big thanks to Robert.

Robert's Links - Flickr | Instagram

In his own words:

I have been taking photographs most of my adult life. Most of the photos I take are on film and, and I have a range of cameras that I use, depending on where I am and what I am doing. When I am going out for a run in the morning, or walking around during the day, I usually have my Olympus XA or one of my Contax cameras. All of what you see here was taken with the XA. I use other, bigger, cameras as well but most of my favorite photos are those that I happen upon as part of whatever I happen to be doing during they day.

The light in San Francisco is always changing and there are lots scenes to observe and plenty of cars and trucks with character. This gives me the opportunity to take photos of the same place, or of the same vehicle, at different times creating different outcomes. What I love the most about photography is that through it I have become a much better observer. I now see things that before I would not have. I see beauty in places that before I would have ignored. When my photos turn out well, I can help others see this beauty in ordinary places, and hopefully make their existence a little more enjoyable as well.