21st December 2016

It's a wonderful thing when a project completed continues to inspire, but one such task occurred this year. Creating bespoke dolls' houses for window vitrines at Value Retail's latest village opening in Shanghai gave us the opportunity to research the city's stunning Art Deco heritage.

The Cultural Quarter of Shanghai hosts the most delicious of histories and provides the perfect backdrop for our mood. A network of darkened hidden streets, beautifully painted doors with gold and brass detail. And then the grand buildings, the clubs, theatres and ballrooms... With their high ceilings, polished teak and walnut finishes, chandeliers and classical plaster work.

We selected the theme in recognition of the desire to chase away the gloom. After a year of upheaval and an international climate of doom, we're replacing any thoughts of what might be with touches of new glamour. A little frippery made up of plush velvets, coloured sequins, and metallics. We've invested a nostalgic twist into our escapism, returning to a vintage look of sophistication, a revival of cabaret as our choice of entertainment, city nights with neon brights, and headlights bouncing off urban pavements.

Winter accessories reflect the glamorous theme, with fur boleros and sequinned appliqu� adorning cold shoulders, placing fashion somewhere between 20's flapper and disco diva.

Over the coming month or two, we'll be keeping an eye open for artists, crafts, products and activities that Chase Away the Darkness.