205DPI - 13th January 2017

This week's sudden wintry blast seemed like the perfect moment to hang our new season's featured images here at TonyG HQ, to a selection from Oregon based photographer Lucas DeShazer. We've printed this perfect frozen scene for our reception wall light box, and the impact is so mesmerising, it's literally been drawing people in from outside to stare in awe. Something about the quality of the image...? The white of the snow when it's back-lit...? The impression is almost 3dimensional, you feel you are so nearly in the image you could reach out and feel the cold.

Lucas's chosen subjects are as diverse as the state he captures in his lens. Natural landscapes sit next to neon-lit cafés. Roadside murals, motels, abandoned commercial buildings in remote locations - all tell a story of the American West, with a warmth and wit that is intoxicating. We're all going to Oregon.

Lucas' Links - Website | Tumblr | Flickr | Instagram