205DPI - 15th June 2017

My underwater photography differs from the norm in two main ways. Firstly, I freedive. With freediving you only take the air in your lungs – no cumbersome scuba equipment and no bubbles to frighten the wildlife. Used correctly, this technique allows a more natural interaction with underwater life and the surrounding environment. Secondly, I use a small(ish) camera setup which does not incorporate strobes. The small camera allows me to move faster when necessary and to use my free hand to fine-tune my positioning. The absence of strobes avoids harming or scaring my subjects and ensures that I capture a faithful representation of the scene.

I’ve been fortunate to travel to some of the world’s most incredible natural environments to pursue my photography, with highlights including the Komodo National Park in Indonesia and the Big Island of Hawaii. I also have a passion for areas closer to home though, particularly the magnificent rivers of the Yorkshire Dales, though I’ve yet to find any turtles in them.

In the longer term, I intend to produce a more comprehensive collection around the theme of water, both above and below. More than just the life within the oceans, It will show the journey of rivers to the sea, landscapes seen from lakes and even the stars above them.