205DPI - 5th October 2017

This season’s 205 photography features the superb nature and landscape photography of Jesse Buckley, and a of stunning images from the desert of Arizona and Uta.

Jesse took up Nature and Landscape Photography as a hobby to experience nature more intimately.

"It’s very easy to see something beautiful and fail to fully appreciate it while moving about the country. In my pursuit of the perfect photograph, I am forced to become a student of whatever scene I’m in. I don’t just view but immerse myself in my surroundings examining not only what I see but also what I feel. Once I’ve have a sense of the scene I focus on capturing an image the can recreate the feeling of the scene for those viewing my photographs.

This is what led me to the deserts of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. These deserts are fully of color and beauty. Whether looking on the surface, at the sky, or below ground, there is beauty and color everywhere."

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